Call for proposals for the Winter School 2024/25

until May 31

Email for proposals

[email protected]

This programme provides support for high-quality research schools that introduce students and young scientists to active areas of mathematics. These schools are planned as international events, taking place in Ukraine in a safe environment and preferably surrounded by nature. A school may last for one or two weeks during the summer or winter break at Ukrainian universities (January and July-August).

The organisers of a school are welcome to submit their proposal which should include:

  • a description of the topic and a proposed title

  • names of mathematicians who agreed to lecture at the school

  • proposed dates, venue and estimated number of participants

  • estimated budget, specifying the expected funding contribution from ICMU

  • description of other possible sources of funding

Participation in the school should be free of charge. The budget should cover accommodation and meals of participants, and ideally include travel funding for participants from developing countries, including Ukraine.

The proposals will be evaluated by the Scientific Board of ICMU. For the selected proposals, ICMU will provide funding, oversee the organisation, and assist the organisers in preparing applications for funding from other sources.

Now we accept applications for the organisation of the Winter School in the beginning of 2025. Proposals prepared according to the above recommendations should be sent to [email protected] with the subject ICMU summer / winter schools.