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This programme aims to bring together a group of researchers (up to four individuals) from different institutions for in-person collaboration. The ICMU provides working space and arranges lodging of participants for the period of collaboration, which can last up to two weeks. If no alternative funding source is available, travel expenses could also be covered. At least one participant should be affiliated with a Ukrainian institution.

Until the Centre has its own premises, this programme operates in the building of our partner organisation - Kyiv School of Economics (KSE). Address: Mykoly Shpaka st. 3, 02000, Kyiv.

Applicants for the collaboration programme must submit the following:

  • the list of collaborators and their affiliations

  • proposed dates for collaboration at ICMU

  • a 3-4 page proposal that describes the area of collaboration and specific goals

  • 2-page curricula vitae for each participant

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. We encourage applicants to send the documents at least two months ahead of the proposed collaboration dates.

We highly recommend that foreign visitors arrive in Kyiv with travel insurance purchased with an international insurance company. If this isn't possible, ICMU will assist its visitors with medical insurance for foreigners in Ukraine. See notes on safety for visiting scholars.