ICMU is an independent scientific institution funded through charitable contributions and grants. Every donation, no matter how small, supports mathematical culture and free, disinterested research.

Our donors

  • Proudly supported by XTX Markets

    ICMU is supported by the algorithmic trading company XTX Markets, our Founding Donor and the Principal Donor in 2024.

    XTX Markets has committed up to €1m in matched funding to establish the Centre, enabling any donations or pledges to be matched 100%.

  • Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France - MESR

    In 2023 the French government has provided a grant of €200k for the development of the scientific activities of the International Centre for Mathematics in Ukraine and the equipping of its premises.

  • Individual donors

    Every small donation matters. ICMU gives a special recognition to individuals, who support its activities. You can join them and make your own contribution!

  • The London mathematical society commited £100k to sponsor visitors to ICMU through the LMS Distinguished Visiting Fellowship programme.

  • Nova Ukraine is a US-based nonprofit organisation dedicated to supporting Ukraine with humanitarian aid and strengthening civil society in Ukraine.

Individual donors

Large donations

Donations €100 – 1.000

Smaller donations

Wondering how to make a donation for the Centre?

You can support us right now! Ukraine has been long awaiting for its independent institute of mathematical research, and you can become a part of the exciting process of its creation.