6-10 May 2024

This week-long course of lectures by Stephan Klaus is devoted to the study of topological spaces by methods of abstract algebra. We invite students, doctoral students and scientists with prior knowledge of general topology (notions of topological space, continuity, compactness) and basics of differential geometry (smooth manifolds and differential forms).

The visit of professor Klaus to ICMU is co-organised by the Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics (Germany).

Stephan Klaus is a mathematician and science communicator par excellence. He studied mathematics at the University of Mainz, where he obtained his PhD in topology in 1995. He was teaching many exciting lecture courses at the Universities of Mainz and Karlsruhe over the years. In 1998 professor Klaus became a permanent member at the Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics. In addition to helping run about 50 workshops on current mathematical topics throughout each year, he is involved in a number of outreach programmes, particularly for locals in the Black Forest region.


Registration for this event is currently closed. You may still fill the registration form for the organisers to be able to invite you if there will be available place.


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Kyiv School of Economics

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