15 May 2023

Yulia's Dream is a free math enrichment and research programme for high school students from Ukraine, created in March 2022 on the basis of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The programme is dedicated to the memory of the deceased Yulia Zdanovska, a 21-year-old teacher of the "Teaching for Ukraine" project, a graduate of Kyiv National University and winner of the 2017 European Mathematical Olympiad among girls, who died on March 3, 2022 as a result of a Russian missile attack on her hometown of Kharkiv. Within the framework of Yulia's Dreams project, during the year high school students study extracurricular mathematics. In addition, programme participants work on mathematical research projects under the guidance of academic mentors - graduate students and university professors.

On May 14-15, the final presentation of students' work will take place. During the special session organized by the International Centre of Mathematics in Ukraine, Maryna Viazovska, a Ukrainian laureate of the Fields medal, the world's highest award for mathematical research, will tell the story of the "almost impossible" Leech lattice.





Andrey Gogolyev, The Ohio State University

MIT Primes

Pavel Etingof, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Slava Gerovitch, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology